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Tid för terjelatorn

I wanted to start by having you explain the Norwegian style of DJing, and the sort of restless way of playing records.

Yeah, that’s right. In Norway you have to play with the dynamics to keep the crowd interested and dancing. What would happen over the course of five hours in Berlin gets compressed into two, because of the strict alcohol restrictions. So that makes the dynamic of a club night just crazy, but it also makes for more playful sets.”

Resident Advisor intervjuar Todd Terje. Terjelatorn är aktuell med “It’s The Arps EP”, det första släppet på hans egna nystartade skivbolag Olsen.

Uppdatering: inser att den här intervjun redan publicerades i slutet av september.

 22/11 2011, 13:34 – Jonas | Blogg
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